Bluetooth Audio Receiver 3.5mm Music Adapter Dongle Speakers Car Mp3 Etc - HomeEkart
Bluetooth Audio Receiver 3.5mm Music Adapter Dongle Speakers Car Mp3 Etc - HomeEkart

Bluetooth Audio Receiver 3.5mm Music Adapter Dongle Speakers Car Mp3 Etc

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DR-3.5 ADO-SC-NO-1  

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Compact and Convenient Audio Receiver

Get the continuous music playback on the go with the USB Bluetooth Audio Receiver. It weighs merely 18 g which makes it lightweight and compact-sized. You can effortlessly carry it along wherever you go. With this device you can transform your speakers or headsets to Bluetooth wireless speakers seamlessly. It comes with a single button that adds convenience while operating the device. You can operate the device from a significant distance of 5 to 10 m range.

Compatibility and Additional Features

USB Bluetooth Audio Receiver is compatible with different devices like Smartphone, laptop, iPads, tablets and other Bluetooth devices. You simply have to connect it with car Bluetooth dongle and enjoy your favourite collection of MP3 songs while travelling. In case you are playing music with your Smartphone then other functions remain uninterrupted. You can receive your important calls and talk over the phone with the Bluetooth device. The device has a broad frequency range of 4.1 KHz to 48 KHz and consumes power supply of 5 V. Enjoy a hassle-free pairing device and get an amazing listening experience.


  • To play music of iPad, iPhone bluetooth audio receiver for speakers transform ordinary speakers and headsets to bluetooth wireless speakers and headsets/earphones
  • Music play via aux (3.5mm), USB only for power supply not for play
  • Single button for easy control. Does not have a mic. So cannot make phone calls
  • The user can make the phone call sound to be played on the phone only if select the non-bluetooth mode in the mobile phone
  • Product is compatible with devices that have a stereo input and do not work with mono devices

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