What is drop ship?

What Is Drop ship?

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Understanding The Basics About Drop Ship Business in India.

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where are retailer or a seller does not keep any stock with him or her. Instead when the person sells a product, he or she purchases the item or the product from a third part and gets it shipped directly to their buyer. During this process the seller or the merchant never sees or handles the product at all at his end making it the best business model these days to start the business

Understanding The Basics About Drop Ship Business in India.

Who Can Do Drop Ship Business In India?

Currently in India there are no such guidelines that can stop people to do drop ship business in India. Right now people are doing drop ship business from all parts of India without any hesitation. There are plenty of websites which are providing drop ship services in India giving opportunities to people to make extra from home. Anyone can do it from anywhere and that's the beauty about it. You do not need high investment, space for business, managing clients, packages, shipping, managing returns and everything. 

What Do You Need To Do Drop Ship Business?

Primarily you need couple of things to do drop ship business. A smart phone and smart computer which can basically do the basics. All the physical products are virtually present in your phone and computer which is why it is considered to be one of the best money making opportunities in the world. 

How Much Investment You need To Start Drop Ship Business?

In reality you do not need much investment if you want to start doing drop ship business in India. The reason being, you do not have to keep any inventory, any stock, any material, any packing material, any staff or tool or such because everything is managed and provided by drop ship provider. 

How About Taxes In Drop Ship Business?

This is the most complicated part in drop ship business. Generally the person who is selling with the help of drop ship provider is supposed pay the taxes however in India the system is not highly in place where everything can be managed that well. Many drop shippers just sell and do not pay taxes which is not traceable. However, on the other side there are drop ship companies who pays taxes on behalf of drop shippers and pay directly. Yet this system is not yet fully developed. 

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