FAQ's About Drop Ship

What's The Fee For Dropship Services?

There are two fee structures in prime services. Prime and Prime Pro. Prime is 2500+taxes and Prime Pro is 5000+taxes monthly. You do not have to pay renewal fees until you profit out the membership fee paid to us. 

Who Can Do Drop Ship In India?

Anyone who is the age of 18 or holds a pan card can easily do drop ship business. 

What documents are required to start dropship business?

You may have to provide your Pan Card, GST number and any other address ID proof for drop ship service. 

Do we need GST number to do drop ship business?

You would require to have GST number if you wish to sell on amazon or any marketplaces in India which allows you to sell through self ship option. Self ship means sending the product to the customer without using the courier services of marketplaces. People also call it easyship for amazon.

Many individuals who are selling directly to other customers are not opting for GST numbers as the taxes are being managed by the drop ship providers in such cases.  

How many products do we get to drop ship?

We will give you close to 400-500 plus products to do drop ship business.  They will be top selling and at highly competitive price. 

What kind of products we will get for drop ship?

We will provide products from home and kitchen, mobile accessories, Computer Accessories, Camera Accessories and car accessories. 

What will be the shipping charge for product?

Shipping charges will depend on the actual weight or volume metric weight whichever is higher. You will also find the shipping charges mentioned in description for all the dropship products. Mentioned below 6 links are the ones where you will find dropship products. 







Below is the chart which will help you to know the charges for packages that will be sent to the customers. 

0-0.5 KG - Rs 50

1-2 KG - Rs 96

2-3 KG - Rs 112

3-4 KG - Rs 126

4-5 KG - Rs 140

5-6 KG - Rs 156

6-7 KG - Rs 175

7-8 KG - Rs 197

8-9 KG - Rs 215

9-10 KG - Rs 235

>10 KG - Will show up during checkout

How many days it will take to ship the product?

We would ship the product within 2 days from our end once the order is booked and paid from your end.

How can we know the available stock?

Our site will have available quantities mentioned on each product listing. You will be able to find out about the available quantities once you click on any product link. 

What will be the guarantee or warranty of the products in dropship?

Each product covers a counter delivery guarantee which means if any product delivered is dead on arrival,  faulty or damaged, it will be eligible for refund or return. There is no such warranty or guarantee period provided on products from our end as they are all non branded. The issue with the product must be reported within 24 hours of delivery so that we can take necessary steps from our end. 

What happens if the product delivered is in damaged or defective condition?

Each product covers a counter delivery guarantee which means if any product delivered dead on arrival will be eligible for refund or return. The issue with the product must be reported within 24 hours of delivery so that the issue can be resolved from our end. 

Who will arrange the return shipment from customer end?

The drop shipper will have to request the customer to send the product back to us from their end if they wish to return the product. Homeekart will pay the equivalent amount of return shipping charges that were initially paid while sending the product to the customer. REMEMBER Homeekart will not pay if the customer raise an issue about quality satisfaction. We also help our dropshippers in case the buyers refuse to send the product back from their end. We too can arrange pick up from their end. 

Who will pay the shipping charge for return shipment?

Homeekart will pay the equivalent amount of return shipping charges that were initially paid while sending the product to the customer. REMEMBER Homeekart will not pay if the customer raise an issue about quality satisfaction. 

How can you return the product back to us from customer end?

We suggest that you register for Shiprocket using this URL https://goo.gl/Sv95xv which will be used by you in the future as well. Using Shiprocket you can send the products back to us by arranging the pick up from customer's end. 

Is COD service available?

Yes COD is available for prime Pro AND above plan members only upto Rs 5000 worth of goods.

What are the COD charges?

There is an additional charge of Rs 50 or 2% of the invoice value whichever is higher. This COD amount and shipping charges must be paid upfront and the rest of the COD value of the product can be done as COD to be collected from the buyer. 

How Many Free Listings we get?

Prime members get 50 listings free, prime pro members get 100 free listings , Prime Super gets 150  free listings and Prime Expert gets 200  free listings . If you need any listing over and above these free listings than there will be a charge of Rs 15 per listing. 

Can we do dropship from Amazon?

Yes you can dropship for amazon orders however, you will have to ensure that you remove easy ship option on amazon before your account goes live so that you do not get easy ship orders on amazon because if you get easy ship orders, than material will have to be sent from your pick up location by default. 

Can we do dropship from other marketplaces?

No, you cannot do dropship from any other marketplace apart from Amazon And Shopclues because they do not have a system in place which allows you to arrange pick up from third party locations

Can we sell products on whatsapp groups and facebook marketplace?

Yes you can sell there and do the dropship as well. Facebook groups, facebook marketplace, whatsapp groups, whatsapp broadcast generates good number of sales for individuals. 

How will prime work.

Whenever you get an order, you will have to raise a ticket through our ticket system and attach amazon invoice for the order and also the payment screen shot and within 2 days the order will be processed from our end. Whereas in prime pro that's been taken care by us.

Do we have to pay taxes For Prime Services

Yes you will have to pay 18% GST on prime membership fee however if you have GST number you will get GST input credit as we provide you GST invoice from our end. This invoice will also be helpful for you to show as expense in your business.

Is the fee monthly?

Yes the fee is monthly however we are giving a benefit to our dropshippers by not paying any renewal fee to us until they manage to make double the profit equivalent to membership fee paid. 

Example: If you paid fee on 1st April 2019 and by 15th April you made good sales and covered your membership fee amount as profit than you will have to pay the renewal fee on 1st May 2019

If in case you couldn't make any profit even after 4 months, you dont have to pay any renewal fee. 

How Much Can you earn from dropship business?

This would totally depend on how many listings you are doing and at what price you are selling the products. Its highly recommended that you list down all the products available for dropship for maximum orders and maximum profit. For Prime pro members, we help with costing and quantity update for those products we are listing from our end however any products which are listed by dropshippers themselves will have to be managed by them. 

Can I get refund of the dropship Fee?

No, dropship fee is non refundable. 

Practically speaking how much investment is required to earn atleast 20-30 thousand each month. 

Your margins on products is generally between 10-20% so if you keep an average margin of 15% margin than you could earn anything around 15000 if you do sales worth 1 lac. Now you can just multiple it depending on how much sales you are doing each month. 

How Can I Join?

Once you are through with this and want to start, you can simply whatsapp at 9033668811 and ask for the payment details. Once you make the payment you will have to share the screen shot and after that you will be provided direct dedicated number for Sunil and his team who will help you to launch in dropship business. 


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